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Facilities & Services

The CIETAC headquarters and Sub-Commissions enjoy comfortable, modern, and well-equipped working environments. The facilities and services available include:

? hearing rooms;

? multi-media equipments and video conference system

? arbitrators' meeting rooms and lounges;

? parties' lounges;

? reception rooms;

? secretariat's offices;

? systems for the computerized management of arbitration cases;

? telecommunication facilities including facsimiles, digital telephones, email and Internet access;

? interpretation and translation services;

? extensive references and information services; and

? typing, word-processing, copier, and audio-visual equipments.

Throughout the CIETAC arbitration proceedings, the professional staff members of the Secretariat at both the CIETAC Headquarters and the Sub-Commissions are always ready to provide professional assistance and quality service to arbitrators and parties.