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Announcement of the Launch of Party's Online Filing System

In order to improve the level of service provided by the modern technical means, and enable online case filing thereby improving the efficiency of the CIETAC acceptance of cases and facilitating the filing process, CIETAC has developed an Online Filing System (PC) and WeChat Public Account (mobile phone) system for Parties. The two systems will enter trial phase from now on.

● The Online Case Filing System website is http://online.www.caleyei.com.

● WeChat Public Account is “CIETAC”; Click “Arbitration Guide” –“Online Case Filing”

Using the above two systems, users can quickly file a case through a computer or mobile phone. Users may submit the arbitration application and relevant written materials to CIETAC via the online filing system. After obtaining approval by case manager online, an arbitration application form will be formed to complete the online filing procedure. At the same time, the parties can receive relevant notices of the case after the case-filing through mobile  devices, including the Notice of Arbitration, Notice on the Formation of Arbitral Tribunal, and Notice of Oral Hearing. For specific instructions, please refer to the CIETAC Online Filing System User Manual and the CIETAC Online Filing System Public Account User Manual.

In order to better improve the system functions and users’ experience, also to make the system more user-friendly, if you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact our technical support at 13166661330.

Thank you for your consistent attention and support to CIETAC.


Please click and refer to:

The CIETAC Online Filing System User Manual (mobile phone)

The CIETAC Online Filing System Public Account User Manual (PC)