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A Delegation from Australia Deakin University Law School Visited CIETAC Shanghai Sub-Commission


On Thursday, 21 June 2018, a delegation of over 30 tutors and students from Australia Deakin University Law School Chinese Commercial Law Programme visited CIETAC Shanghai Sub-Commission. Ms. Jiao Yani, the Secretary-General of CIETAC Shanghai Sub-Commission made a brief introduction of arbitration in China and the background of CIETAC in English at the beginning of their visit. 

During the following Q&A session, tutors and students showed their immense interests in Chinese arbitration. They came up with various questions ranging from the scope and the amount of the disputes handled by CIETAC, the advantages of CIETAC arbitraion, the appointment of arbitrators, the selection of the language of arbitration, intellectual property arbitraion to the development of Chinese arbitration, the comparison of arbitration and litigation, the judicial review of arbitration. Ms. Jiao Yani provided detailed answers to the questions one by one.

The event has achieved the desired effect of promoting arbitration and CIETAC. Students and tutors have also expressed that it is meaningful to have this precious opportunity to get a closer insight into arbitration in China and CIETAC.