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CIETAC Held a Forum for Selected Arbitrators in Shanghai

On October 31, 2017, CIETAC held a forum for selected arbitrators in Shanghai. Mr. Wang Chengjie, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of CIETAC, attended the meeting and exchanged views on the status quo and future development of  CIETAC with more than twenty arbitrators from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

Firstly, Secretary-General Wang Chengjie introduced the latest developments and development concepts of CIETAC and CIETAC Shanghai Sub-commission to the participating arbitrators. Up till now, CIETAC has accepted about 1,850 cases this year, of which about 380 cases have been accepted by the Shanghai Sub-commission. It is estimated that the total annual dispute amount will reach a record high of more than RMB 60 billion yuan.

Secretary-General Wang Chengjie pointed out that the development of CIETAC was closely related to the support by the arbitrators. The CIETAC had always attached importance to the construction of arbitrator teams and paid attention to the role of arbitrators. On one hand, arbitrators shall guarantee fairness, justice and effectiveness during the trial of the case, on the other hand, they were encouraged to actively promote CIETAC as an arbitration service provider to allow more parties to see the advantages of CIETAC and be willing to choose CIETAC arbitration.

Arbitrators at the forum put forward their own opinions and suggestions combining their own experience in handling cases, such as improving sense of service and efficiency of handling case proceedings, ensuring fair and impartial judgement of disputes, enhancing operational capability and strengthening market expansion, and so on. The atmosphere of the forum was relaxed and active, and everyone spoke freely, which reached the expected goal of enhancing the understanding between the institutions and arbitrators and further promoting the relevant work of CIETAC Shanghai Sub-commission.

Ms. Jiao Yani, Secretary-General of Shanghai Sub-Commission of CIETAC, and Ms. Li Yun, Deputy Director of Supervision Department of CIETAC,were present at the forum.