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CIETAC South Sub-Commision Successfully Held the Legal Conference concerning UAV Issues

On 22 June 2017, the Legal Conference concerning UAV Issues was held in Shenzhen. The summit was sponsored by China Aviation Law Insititute and China Air Transport Association Law Committee, and co-organized by CIETAC Southern Sub-Commision and China Institute of Corporate Legal Affairs of Legal Daily (CICLA). The experts have in-depth discussions and researches on how to promote the healthy development of the UAV industry and how to regulate and manage the UAV efficiently.

The conference was chaired by Mr. Guo Junxiu, President of the China Aviation Law Insititute, Director of the China Air Transport Association Law Committee and General Counsel of the China Eastern Airlines Group. Dr. Li Xiaoguang, Secretary General of the CIETAC/CMAC Southern Sub-Comission, Ms. Meng Qingfen, Director of the International Cooperation Service Center of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Mr. Ji Dapeng, Director of the regulation office of CAAC and Ms. Yao Guoyan,Deputy Director of the China Law Society Research Institute were invited to attend the conference. All gave opening remarks and plenary talks. Meanwhile, more than 150 people attended this conference, including related officials of the Department of Policies and Regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Legislative Affairs Office of Shenzhen, the First Circuit Court of the Supreme People's Court, the Legal Daily Newspaper and other judicial authorities and public institutions, together with some directors, general counsels and leaders of the legal department of the companies in the UAV industry chain, such as legal department of the International Air Navigation Association, China Eastern Airlines, Air china, China Southern Airlines, Capital Airport, Yunnan Airport, Nanjing Airport, DJI-Innovations, Shunfeng Group, and some other experts, scholars, lawyers, etc.

Ms. Li Xiaoguang, Secretary General of the CIETAC/CMAC Southern Sub-Commission, in her opening remark pointed out that there was no clear legislation between the sellers and users of the UAV. In recent years, CIETAC has heard a number of cases involving aviation fields, such as fuel trading and aircraft leasing but no cases about the UAV. SG Li affirmed the importance of this frotier issue to the construction of the Bay Area. As one of the oldest commercial arbitration institutions in China, while dealing with complex commercial disputes, CIETAC has also shouldered a lot of social public functions. One of that is to actively participate in legislation. Through this conference, CIETAC hopes to contribute to the development of China's UAV legislation as well as the solidation and expansion of the social innovation industry.

Leaders and experts from DJI-Innovations, the Law Department of International Air Navigation Association and from the Policy Institute of the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology seperately made keynote speeches, representing the industry and research field. Guests also focused on four subjects, including legal issues of the industrial development, airspace management, judicial practice and international legislations of the UAV, made wonderful speeches and exchanged the ideas with reprsentatives. Representatives said the discussions were enthusiastic, in-depth and fruitful, promoted the consensus of regulations on the development of the UAV industry. The parties also put forward a lot of valuable suggestions about the UAV industry development and management through multi-level and multi-dimensional discussions.

The one-day conference ended successfully. During the conference, guests had in-depth discussions, promoting consensus to the legislation of UIV industry. We hope that this successful conference could lay a positive consensual foundation for the future development of the UAV industry as well as contribute to the legislation process of the UAV.