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China Arbitration Week 2017 Nanning Event Successfully Held

On September 22, the Seminar on New Developments of Chinese Commercial Arbitration in the Context of B&R and China Arbitration Week Nanning Event was successfully held in Nanning. The event was jointly hosted by CIETAC Southwest Sub-Commission, CMAC Southwest Sub-Commission, Law School of Guangxi University for Nationalities, Guangxin Arbitration Association, Guangxi Lawyers Association ASEAN Professional Committee, and Nanning Arbitration Commission. The Collaborative Innovation Center of Ethnic Law and Regional Administration,the Guangxi Research Society of Commercial Law, the Guangxi Research Institute of Commercial Law, and the Guangxi Arbitration Research Institute also assisted with the organization.

The President of Guangxi University for Nationalities Xie Shangguo addressed the opening ceremony. Experts in the fields of arbitration and ASEAN law of Guangxi shared latest practical experience on subjects of the New Developments of Chinese Commercial Arbitration in the context of B&R, the Practices and Prospects of Commercial Arbitration System in Guangxi, and the Coordination of ASEAN Strategy and Arbitration. Over 100 trade and legal professionals attended the seminar.

President Xie pointed out that, as a bridgehead to ASEAN region, Nanning shoulders non-ignorable important mission in the B&R Initiative. As one of the most important universities in Guangxi, Guangxi University for Nationalities has been committed to cultivate and provide core talents for the B&R Initiative. Making Nanning a part of the China Arbitration Week serial events will bring in new arbitration ideas, further magnify the functions of arbitration and legal services in Guangxi and promote Guangxi’s participation in the B&R Initiative. Xie hoped that this event would be a good opportunity and a solid foundation for CIETAC to come to Guangxi to spread the advanced arbitration ideas in the future.

Secretary General of CIETAC/CMAC Southwest Sub-Commission Li Xiaoguang started by introducing an influential BOT arbitration case originated from Guangxi, based on which she analyzed the irreplaceability of arbitration in the context of the B&R and the new developments of Chinese commercial arbitration. She also expressed her anticipation of Nanning to become the economic and trade arbitration center for g ASEAN under the B&R Initiative.


Jiang Hui, the Party Secretary of Guangxi University for Nationalities Law School and Dean of Guangxi Arbitration Research Institute reported to the participants the new developments and trend of arbitration in Guangxi in the speech, elaborated the prospects of arbitration as one of the dispute resolution mechanisms in the context of B&R, and introduced the subsequent plans of arbitration talents training in Guangxi.

As one of the series of China Arbitration Week 2017, the Seminar on New Developments of Chinese Commercial Arbitration in the Context of B&R and China Arbitration Week Nanning Event followed the professional and practical traditions of China Arbitration Week, provided effective guidance to the legal and business circles in Guangxi for risks prevention and dispute resolution in their participation in the B&R Initiative, and built a high-level and professional platform for learning, receiving favorable comments from the participants.